How to distinguish between allergies and allergies during the changing seasons?

How to distinguish between allergies and allergies during the changing seasons?

1. What is the difference between sensitive skin and sensitive skin? How should it be precisely repaired?

  • Allergic skin:
The skin has an allergic reaction due to contact with the allergen. As long as the allergen is no longer exposed, the allergic phenomenon will not occur.
  • Sensitive skin:

It refers to the loss of stratum corneum function due to damage to the skin barrier, resulting in a decline in the ability to lock water, and the easy invasion of external stimuli to cause a series of stress responses to the skin.

2.How to distinguish between allergies and allergies?

There is a slightly simpler way to judge the difference between sensitivity and allergies, that is, if many external stimuli can cause your skin to go wrong, it may be sensitive.

  • The length of time is different:

Occasionally occur once or twice with some specific things, it may be allergies, generally the symptoms of allergies are more serious and shorter than those of allergies.

  • Allergens:

Sensitive skin is indeed more prone to allergies, because the skin barrier is broken and it is easier to come into contact with allergens.

Key points: In addition to being similar to allergic skin, sensitive skin can also be confused with other dermatitis, eczema, and rosacea.

3. Symptoms of sensitive skin

  • 1. Redness on the face
  • 2. Redness, itching, tingling, etc.
  • 3. Severe redness and rash
  • 4. Thin stratum corneum, easy to desquamate
  • 5. Poor water retention, dryness
  • 6. Uneven skin tone, easy to leave marks
  • 7. Sudden appearance of many unexplained acne
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