How much do you know about skin care

How much do you know about skin care

How to drink water is to replenish water?
Generally speaking, adults need 2 liters of water a day for university, which needs to be drunk directly, which is about 1.2 liters (about 2 bottles to 2.5 bottles of ordinary mineral water)
Don't wait to drink when you're thirsty, and plan to drink water separately each day to achieve your goals.
Students recommend drinking boiled water/mineral water/purified water; office workers suggest adding green tea/chrysanthemum tea and appropriate honey to the water cup, which has the effect of moisturizing and beautifying the face.

How to adjust the physique of Shui Lingling?
Sleeping on time, getting enough sleep, and quality sleep are the keys to a good physique and good skin.
Less smoking and less drinking, when people smoke and drink, the skin is more likely to dry or get oily, and secondly, the stimulation of smoking on the skin Hu Riang's skin stops absorbing moisture when it should be absorbed.

Hydration Trilogy: Lotion/Essence/Mask
Make-up water: Make-up water can not only replenish water directly to the skin, but also adjust the pH balance of the face.
Serum: Excessive use will cause a nutritional burden on the skin. For young girls, serum is not a skin care necessity.
Mask: The mask can locally increase the temperature and humidity of the skin, promote blood circulation, speed up the self-repair of the skin, and make the face radiant in the short term.

Three Treasures of Locking Water: Cuticle / Sebum / Moisturizer
How to judge whether the stratum corneum is normal? Look at the skin on your cheeks in a mirror under sufficient light.
The skin is dull in color, rough to the touch, and dander falls, indicating that the stratum corneum is too thick, and you need to use exfoliating products appropriately.
The skin has thin bloodshots visible to the naked eye, and the skin tends to turn red when exposed to cold/heat, indicating that the stratum corneum is too thin, and there is no need to use exfoliating products.

If you want to replenish water correctly, you must first understand the reasons why the water cannot be replenished.
1. Clogged pores
Dirt is hidden in the pores of the skin, and the cleaning is not in place. It is difficult for the nutrients in moisturizing and skin care products to be absorbed.
2. The stratum corneum is too thick
The stratum corneum of the skin is too thick, which not only cannot absorb the moisture and nutrients of skin care products, but also causes the pores to become larger and larger due to clogging of the pores, and the stratum corneum of the skin accumulates too much, which makes it difficult to absorb moisture and nutrients.
3. Less water supply
The skin itself is relatively dry and dehydrated. A small amount of hydration cannot satisfy the skin, and it will be indirectly understood that there is no hydration.
4. Skin acid-base imbalance
If the pH of the skin is unbalanced, it is very easy for the skin to lose water, resulting in loose skin and dryness inside and outside. Therefore, if the pH of the skin is unbalanced, the skin should be adjusted to a healthy state first, so that hydration will be easier.
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