How much do you know about sensitive skin?

How much do you know about sensitive skin?

1. What are the characteristics of sensitive skin?

(1) The skin epidermis is thin, and the red blood streaks on the face are obvious
(2) After exposure to the sun, the skin becomes red for a long time
(3) It is easy to peel or itchy when the temperature changes between seasons
(4) After washing the face, the skin will be tight and red
(5) Massaging/applying mask/renewing skin care products will feel irritating

2. What are the causes of sensitive skin?

(1) Excessive cleaning: I love to wash my face with hot water, more than twice a day.
(2) Excessive exfoliation: Frequent exfoliation leads to weak stratum corneum
(3) Regardless of skin type: use a soap-based facial cleanser with strong cleaning power, and the skin exceeds the tolerance level.
(4) Excessive application of mask: Excessive hydration will make the skin hydrated.
(5) I like to wipe my face with a towel: the bacteria in the towel will also cause the skin to be sensitive and fragile.
(6) Frequent replacement and stimulation of other skin care products: the wrong use of cosmetics can easily "make" the skin
into sensitive skin.

3. Frequently asked questions about sensitive skin

(1) Why do you have sensitive skin?
One is genetic factors, which are congenital sensitive muscles;
The second is acquired sensitivity, which is due to contact with irritating things, such as irritating cosmetics and skin care products, or physical fitness, living habits and diet.
(2) How long does it take for sensitive skin to heal?
Judging by their own symptoms, some people with sensitive skin not only have a skin problem, but also have problems such as seborrheic dermatitis and red blood streaks. Therefore, the repair of sensitive skin can take as short as half a year and as long as three to five years.
(3) Can sensitive skin use a moisturizing mask?
Appropriate hydration is right, but blind hydration is wrong. A mask a day will only make the face more sensitive. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use the hydrating mask no more than three times a week!
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