How much do you know about "brushing acid"?

How much do you know about "brushing acid"?

Brushing acid is to help remove excess dead skin cells by changing the acidity of the skin surface and promote the normal metabolism of skin cells.

What are the common methods of brushing acid?

Now brushing acid can actually be divided into two categories: medical beauty brushing acid and daily brushing acid

1. Medical beauty brushing acid: There are professional teachers, doctors and other professionals, who use higher concentrations of fruit acid, salicylic acid, etc. to help you operate.

Advantages: the effect is very fast
Disadvantages: higher price, more irritating
Suitable for the crowd: People with severe acne, pimples, pores and other problems, who want quick results and have a high budget.

2. Daily acid brushing: do it yourself at home, choose a product with a lower concentration

Advantages: Economical, less irritating
Disadvantages: wrong product selection, wrong method, may lead to skin intolerance and other problems
Suitable for the crowd: People who want to unclog pores and condition the skin by exfoliating, acne-prone skin.

What are the benefits of acid brushing?

1. Solve skin problems such as closed mouth, acne, rough skin and dull skin caused by poor sebum metabolism.
2. A good skin condition should be weakly acidic. Alkaline skin will make the keratin metabolism rough and cause various problems. Brushing acid can change the pH of the skin surface and remove dead skin cells.
3. Acid brushing is indeed one of the few products that works very quickly.

Before brushing acid, you need to know:

1. Skin type: In theory, any skin type can be treated with acid; however, those with sensitive and fragile skin still need to be carefully considered.
2. Tolerance: The acid brushing must be gradual, from low concentration to high concentration, from short time to long time, and slowly build up the skin's tolerance.
3. Repair: Brushing acid will make the stratum corneum thinner and even the skin barrier may be damaged, resulting in reduced resistance, loss of moisture, etc. After brushing acid, remember to repair & moisturise in time.
Note: Acid products are not essential products for daily skin care, nor are they one of the steps of daily skin care. They are special care for special periods.
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