How much do you know about blackheads?

How much do you know about blackheads?

How to prevent the formation of blackheads?

1. Clean in place
It is best not to use soap-based ingredients to cleanse the face in the morning, as it will irritate the skin and pores in the long run. Of course, the most important thing is to clean thoroughly to prevent dust, oil and cosmetics from remaining on the skin overnight.
2. Pay attention to sun protection
Whenever you go out throughout the year, you need to wear sunscreen. It doesn’t mean that there is no ultraviolet rays and other things that can harm your skin without the sun.
3. Reasonable skin care + diet
Blackheads are caused by excess oil, so according to different skin types, set a reasonable time interval to exfoliate regularly, and be careful not to eat too much greasy and spicy food.

Why are blackheads so easy to grow?

1. Usually do not pay attention to cleaning or make-up removal is not clean
If you don't pay attention to cleaning or don't remove makeup cleanly, your skin will be more prone to blackheads. Because our skin secretes a certain amount of oil every day to protect the skin for self-protection, but when people with excessive oil secretion, especially in summer, if they are not cleaned in time, they will easily block and enlarge pores and form blackheads.
2. Often eat greasy food
The skin will produce a lot of oil due to excessive oil intake, and the skin will be prone to blackheads at this time.

Solutions for blackheads:

1. Develop good skin care habits, pay attention to daily cleaning and oil control, and do a good job of moisturizing;
2. Sun protection should be done well. Sun protection can not only slow down the oxidation rate of the skin, but also play a certain anti-aging effect.
3. The skin should be cleaned regularly. You can use some exfoliating cleansing masks, depending on your skin type.
4. Choose the skin care products and cosmetics that suit you, and choose the ones that suit you for different skin types.
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