How does inflammation arise?

How does inflammation arise?

What we call "skin inflammation" is the skin's defense response to stimuli, such as redness, itching, redness and heat.

When external stimuli cause damage to our skin, the skin's immune system will activate a signal, one to fight against the damage factor, and the other to warn that it is beyond the capacity.

The causes of skin inflammation are divided into external environmental influences and the skin's own immunity.

1. Causes that affect external skin inflammation, such as high temperature, ultraviolet rays, bacteria, car exhaust, use of inferior cosmetics, etc., may cause skin inflammation (specifically causing seborrheic dermatitis, solar dermatitis, contact dermatitis.)

2. There are endogenous immune responses and inflammatory mediators in skin autoimmunity, such as damage to skin tissue and skin cells, resulting in inflammation of the skin; chemical factors of inflammation cause vasodilation (may cause rosacea, red blood, sensitive muscles, etc.) 

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