Have you cleaned your cuticles regularly?

Have you cleaned your cuticles regularly?


  • Common skin care products to remove old dead cuticles are divided into scrubs and gels. Unlike scrubs that use physical methods to "grind" old dead cuticles, gel exfoliating products are more chemical-based, mainly through the chemical components salicylic acid and salicylic acid. Enzymes soften old dead cuticles, thereby promoting the shedding of old dead cuticles to achieve the effect of exfoliation.


  • The epidermis of the skin is divided into five layers. The basal cell layer is the source of the growth of the epidermis. The cells in it continue to divide, gradually move outward and produce changes. Finally, the stratum corneum is formed, which provides the basic functions of friction, sun protection, and moisturizing of the epidermis. The outermost old keratinous smear is formed and detached, and a certain thickness of the stratum corneum is maintained. The speed of the update varies according to the individual's constitution, body part and age. The metabolism in the body is slow, and the aging keratin deposited on the surface of the skin is more likely to accumulate and thicken, making the skin look dull. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly use a mild exfoliating milk to exfoliate the aging keratin to help promote epidermal metabolism, cell renewal, and restore skin smoothness. tender.


  • The advantage of exfoliation is that it can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, make the cell regeneration smoother, the skin appears fresh and soft, and at the same time, it can improve the skin tone and make the pores more refined.


horny face:
  • When exfoliating the face, first wash your face, dry the water droplets on your face (remember that the face should be dry, there should be no water droplets), then rub the gel in the palm of your hand, and gently apply it on the face along the direction of the pores. Massage and rub, rinse off with water after two or three minutes. The sides of the nose and the forehead can be slightly longer.
Body exfoliation:
  • Since the skin on the body is relatively thick and the stratum corneum is also thick, the method of use is the same as the method of exfoliating the face above, but the time it stays on the face and the massage time need to be longer. It is recommended to use it before bathing and avoid acne or irritated areas.

Tip: Individuals have different skin types, so choose exfoliating products that are suitable for you; you must do a skin test before purchasing an exfoliating gel to avoid skin damage and allergies.


The skin needs metabolism, and some old and waste cells on the surface of the skin will remain on the surface of the skin. This is the old waste keratin. The long-term accumulation of keratin will cause our skin to become dull and dull, and it will also affect the skin's absorption of skin care products. The same is true for facial keratin, which should be removed.
It is not suitable to exfoliate when there are pus or inflamed acne on the face. If the acne is closed, you can exfoliate properly, but when exfoliating, it is best to avoid the acne-prone areas and not touch the acne.

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