Nowadays, many people's lives are irregular. Working people work overtime every day, while those who don't work have to stay up late at night and get up to nurse every night. Therefore, everyone's skin looks dull and dull, and their complexion is particularly bad.

Besides paying attention to your diet and daily life, the most important thing is to take good care of your skin.


Good skin care begins with cleaning. When cleaning your face, you must treat it carefully, instead of buying facial cleanser casually, squeezing your face and rubbing it off at will. Instead, choose a facial cleanser suitable for your skin, and wash your face seriously and carefully with warm water according to the way of washing each facial cleanser. Cleaning the face can make the later skin care get twice the result with half the effort, and can have good skin and beautiful face.


RtopR VITAMIN C FACIAL CLEANSER rich in natural monitoring factor, can generate tiny, milk and rich bubbles, remove oil and dirt in the pores, aged cutin and cosmetic residues deep. Moreover, variable vitamin C composition can offer nourishment from the bottom of the skin and weather, import skin dullness, brighten the skin tone, give you a Clean, smooth and elastic healthy skin state.

The foaming property of facial cleanser is still very good, and it is only necessary to squeeze a lost amount on the foaming net to make rich and dense bubbles. Of course, I also tried to make rich and dense bubbles without making a bubble net, but I feel that the bubbles are not rich with the bubble net. The upper face is very gentle and skin-friendly, and will not irritate the skin. After washing, it is also quite gentle, and there is no dry and tight feeling. It's really the exclusive pet of the staying up late party. If you stick to it for a period of time, you will find that your face is refreshing and there are fewer acne, and even your skin is more shiny.


In a word, RtopR VITAMIN C FACIAL CLEANSER is quite suitable for me, and this facial cleanser is suitable for all skin types. Rich foam, moderate cleaning strength, good sense of use, can control the balance of water and oil on the face, and will not be tight and dry after washing.

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