Follow RtopR to explore the whitening darling VC

Follow RtopR to explore the whitening darling VC

Whitening principle:

Antioxidant, reduce melanin

Whitening advantages:

Antioxidant, reduce melanin

Recommendations for concentration selection:

10%: suitable for VC novice, daily brightening, solving rough and dull problems

15%: Evenly brightens the skin tone, and also has the effect of lightening and anti-aging

20%: The anti-aging effect is better, and it can also dilute the existing pigmentation

VC trial notes:

1. Sensitivity test: test it behind the ear before using it on the face for the first time, and then use it on the face if there is no allergic reaction within 24 hours. For the first time, it is best to use a soothing essence to relieve irritation.
2. Establish tolerance: VC has a certain irritant, pay attention to a small amount and gradually increase to the normal amount during use
3. Pay attention to sun protection: VC is easily affected by sunlight, so pay attention to sun protection when trying it out during the day
4. Pay attention to preservation: VC products need to be stored in a cool and dark place, and exposure to sunlight will make VC inactive

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