Five summer skin care tips to keep your skin from being sticky

Five summer skin care tips to keep your skin from being sticky

The scorching sun in summer, the pores expand, the skin blood is accelerated, and the facial skin is prone to congestion. In summer, due to sun exposure, it is easy to cause skin injury, freckles and pigmentation will occur or become more obvious. At the same time, due to sweating in summer, it is easy to block, and dermatitis is prone to occur, so skin protection should be done in summer. Here are a few summer skin care tips to keep you looking good in the hot summer.

1. Thoroughly cleanse the skin

Sweating in summer is a good way to detox, which can speed up the metabolic cycle and help detoxify. But sweating will also clog the pores. When the body is hot, it will be secreted together with the sebaceous glands. After the sweat is evaporated, the oil and dirt in the air will be left behind. These things stick to the pores because your skin is sticky and make your skin more sticky. The skin can't breathe, so small acne appears, so the focus of summer skin care is to clean the skin. Thoroughly remove makeup every day and exfoliate every 3 days to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

2.Moisturizing is very important

The function of the moisturizing mask is mainly to repair the cells quickly for the dehydrated skin, fill the water in the cells, and make the skin achieve a fast moisturizing state. In summer, use a toner with balancing, moisturizing, astringent, and antibacterial functions. In summer, it is necessary to do a good job of moisturizing and hydrating. It is recommended to use a spray to hydrate and wipe off the excess water. After applying the mask, wash it off. After hydrating, apply a layer of moisturizing milk.

3. Do a good job of sun protection

Sunscreen protects the skin from UV damage, effectively protects against tanning and sunburn, reduces irritation from adverse factors, and helps to adjust skin tone. When applying sunscreen, be careful not to forget the small areas such as the neck, chin, and ears. It must be applied evenly when applying, and it should be reapplied every once in a while.

4. Antioxidant Repair

In addition to using basic skin care products with antioxidant functions, regular use of products with antioxidant and repair functions is also a good maintenance method. In addition, most sunscreen products can damage the skin to some extent, so apply body lotion or aloe vera gel after sun exposure to moisturize the skin more.

5. It is suitable for cleaning in summer

Summer is easy to be hot, easy to get angry, and easy to get wet, so summer is the best time to eat ginger, which can be detoxified with the help of yang qi; Bitter food has the function of purging dryness, which can increase appetite and help digestion and absorption.
In summer, the heart is cool, and you can eat some wheat products. Acidic foods like plums, peaches, olives, and pineapples. You can also eat some pasta products. The pasta is lukewarm and nourishes the heart, which can provide sufficient calories for the human body.
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