Five skin types, do you know which one you belong to?

Five skin types, do you know which one you belong to?

1. Neutral skin

Features: The best skin condition among the five skins, water and oil balance, not easy to acne, peeling, small pores.

2. Dry skin

Features: Small skin pores, small sebum secretion, dry skin, easy to leave fine wrinkles and stains.

3. Oily skin

Features: Oily skin has darker complexion, larger pores, more oil secretion, oily and bright skin, not easy to produce wrinkles, insensitive to external stimuli, but prone to acne and acne.
Cause: Due to endocrine disorders, the proportion of male hormones is high, resulting in vigorous sebaceous gland activity, excessive oil secretion, blocking pores and forming acne.

4. Combination skin

Features: Combination skin has the characteristics of oily skin and dry skin. It is characterized by the most oil secretion in the T zone (forehead, nose, perioral, jaw), thick stratum corneum, prone to acne, acne, and cheeks. The oil is less and the skin texture is fine, but it dries easily.

5. Sensitive skin

Features: Weak stratum corneum, prone to allergies (especially when the seasons change), itching, red blood (dilated capillaries), poor skin adaptability.
Nursing method: Repair the skin barrier and maintain stability. Avoid using functional (whitening, blemish-reducing, firming, anti-aging, etc. products) and additive products (especially those that contain alcohol) and choose mild and non-irritating products for daily use.
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