Do you take good care of your hands every day?

Do you take good care of your hands every day?

The main function of hand cream is similar to skin cream, which is a cosmetic used for the purpose of keeping the skin, especially the outermost stratum corneum of the skin, moderately hydrated. It is characterized in that it can not only keep the balance of skin moisture, but also supplement important oily components, hydrophilic moisturizing components and moisture, and can be used as the carrier of active components and medicines, so that they can be absorbed by skin and achieve the purpose of conditioning and nourishing skin.


Hand protection method

  1. When purchasing hand cleaning products, we should pay attention to the ingredients mainly containing vitamin E and vitamin B, and avoid buying products with strong alkalinity.
  2. Before going out during the day, besides facial sunscreen, it is best to apply SPF sunscreen products to your hands to prevent ultraviolet damage, wrinkles and black spots.
  3. When you wash dishes and clothes, you should come into contact with chemical products. Remember to wear gloves first to avoid hurting your hands by soap and alkali of detergent.
  4. Exfoliate your hands once a week, and use special scrub products for your hands to remove the aged cuticle and make your hands smooth again.
  5. Use sleep time to strengthen hand nourishment, apply hand cream with strong moisturizing power before going to bed, and wear gloves with high air permeability to facilitate absorption.
  6. When applying hand cream, you can strengthen kneading the joints of your fingers.

Key words of hand guard

Hand Guard ≠ 7 Key Words of Daily Hand Guard with Hand Cream

If you don't want to be off the list of super beauties because of a pair of dry and rough hands, then daily maintenance is very important!

Wash: Your hands will touch a lot of things every day, so no matter from the perspective of hygiene, or from the protection of your hands, you should remove dirt and dust from your hands in time. However, it should be noted that warm water should be used to wash hands, because overheated water will dry and thicken the skin of hands, while too cold water cannot completely wash the dirt on hands.

Wipe: After cleaning hands, carefully dry them with a soft and dry towel, especially between fingers, nail groove and other places without water stains, otherwise it will provide a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Preparation: There are only a few sebaceous glands on the back of your hand, so you must often supplement oil and moisture, otherwise your skin will become rough and dry. Therefore, it is very important to carry a hand cream with you in winter and summer, which can moisturize and protect your hands in time. Especially after washing hands, after housework and before going out.

Apply: Apply hand cream is a trick, a lot of girls are put on the hand casually apply a few times, so the absorption effect is not good, and uneven. It is best to squeeze the hand cream in your palms and rub it hot, then apply it on your palms, backs, fingers and nails. Then massage and smear with one finger. The warm feeling is not only comfortable, but also makes the absorption better.

Scissors: Trim your nails frequently to prevent dirt from accumulating in your fingers and damaging the beauty of your hands. To keep nails, rub the edges of nails smooth and trim them into oval shapes. Too sharp nail shape will weaken the toughness of nails and become easy to break.

Dai: Women will inevitably do some housework such as washing clothes, washing dishes and mopping the floor. If you want to come into contact with detergents such as dishwashing essence and laundry detergent, you'd better wear gloves to block the damage of chemicals to your skin, or put on a layer of hand cream before touching water, which also has the protective function of invisible gloves.

Protect: Protect your hands and be careful not to expose your hands to the sun. In summer, the sun protection of both hands must be done in place, and the hand cream chosen should have sun protection function. When going out in cold weather, prepare soft warm gloves. In addition, it is necessary to prevent accidental injuries such as scratches and bruises on hands when lifting heavy things or handling rough items.

There are numerous hand creams in the market, ranging from general brands to international famous brands, from low-cost to high-cost products can be seen everywhere. So, how to choose a suitable hand cream for you? Generally speaking, high-quality hand creams include the following characteristics:

  1. After painting, it feels moist but not greasy;
  2. It is very moist, with small dosage and lasting;
  3. Fast absorption, refreshing and comfortable;
  4. It can make hands soft and reduce fine lines obviously;
  5. The fragrance is fresh and natural, even if it does not contain spices;


People who often do housework will come into contact with alkaline substances such as detergent and soap solution, and their hand skin will be easily corroded and become rough. They can often apply hand cream marked with "natural fruit oil" formula, which contains natural collagen and vitamin E. Repairing elements, among which fruit acid and other components have a strong comprehensive repair effect on alkaline substances; In addition, it is best to use hand cream with other protection means, such as wearing gloves with outer rubber and inner cotton when doing housework and other labor to protect hands from corrosion.

White-collar workers often work against computers in air-conditioned office buildings. Due to the low humidity in air-conditioned rooms and some radiation from computers, their hands are relatively dry and need to be moisturized by natural nutrients. Moisturizing hand cream can be selected. This kind of hand cream contains moisturizing factor, which can moisturize and keep hands tender. Choose hand cream not only according to the different jobs you are engaged in, but also according to the change of seasons. Only in this way can you resist the traces left by cold spring, sun in summer, dry autumn and cold winter. For example, just after a summer of sunshine, the skin of hands becomes dark, so you should choose whitening hand cream when autumn comes.

Repair type

Repair type hand cream is suitable for: hands with aging lines-hands covered with lines due to aging should choose anti-wrinkle repair type hand cream.

Common ingredients: yeast, royal jelly, nutmeg seed, hydrolyzed soy protein, amino acid, raspberry, bitter cherry, celery seed, mulberry bark.

Moisturizing type

Moisturizing type of hand cream suitable object: office workers-long-term in air-conditioned rooms, hands are dry and short of water and encounter computer radiation, so highly moisturizing becomes the first link.

Common ingredients:

  1. Absorbent humectant-glucose, honey, rose water, Na-PCA, maltitol and hyaluronic acid.
  2. Water-retaining moisturizers-mustard oil, butter butter, sunflower oil, marigold oil, Hawaiian drupe oil, mineral oil, vaseline, sea shark oil, jojopa oil, silicone oil, triglyceride.

Exfoliating type

RtopR Olive Moisturizing Nourishing Hand Cream is suitable for objects: rough skin due to labor-the cuticle of hands is very developed, and the palm is particularly easy to form thick calluses or barbs and dead skin. Hand cream containing fruit acid components or exfoliating particles has strong hand cream to make hand skin finer and smoother.

Common ingredients: fruit acid, salicylic acid, polyethylene granules, alumina, apricot kernel granules.

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