Do you know these skin care tips?

Do you know these skin care tips?

1. Washing your face alternately with hot and cold water is not suitable for everyone.

If your skin is well tolerated and there are no other problems (such as sensitivity, redness, acne, inflammation), you may be able to use this method. But washing your face with hot and cold water can aggravate the sensitivity of sensitive skin, stimulate telangiectasia...and make the problem of sensitivity and redness worse. Normally, I recommend washing your face with lukewarm water. People with oily skin should not less than 3 minutes less face time.

2. Rub blackheads with salt?

Stop it! Legend has it that rubbing blackheads with salt will work. In fact, this uses the hardness of the salt to exfoliate, clean the skin surface and reduce blackheads. However, the salt is very hard and has sharp edges and corners, which can easily make the stratum corneum too thin, resulting in sensitive skin and red blood.

3. Excessive skin care and insufficient skin care are equally terrible!

I've seen people who wash their face 6 times a day; I've seen people who don't wear makeup but use makeup remover every day; I've seen people who exfoliate every other day...My dears, don't overdo it!

4. Moisturizing and moisturizing are two different things.

Someone asked Binghan why his face felt dry. Ask in detail about the care method to know that after washing your face, just apply some lotion - this way everyone will dry! Moisturizing is to add moisture to the skin, and moisturizing is to lock in these moisture and not lose it, moisturizing with milk, Cream or moisturizing essence, don't confuse hydrating and moisturizing!

5. Aerobic exercise eliminates dull skin.

The main reason for women's dull skin is due to the deposition of endocrine and toxins. Jogging, swimming, cycling and other aerobic exercise can increase the body's metabolism, the blood flow speed up can provide more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, promote the skin to produce more collagen, and the vitality of the skin will also increase. In addition, aerobic exercise can help the body flush out toxins, improve mood, and revitalize the skin.
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