Do you know these skin care knowledge?

Do you know these skin care knowledge?

Can the skin absorb it?

Of course, because our skin has a certain penetration and absorption ability, the ability of the skin to absorb external substances is called percutaneous absorption. There are three ways for external substances to enter the epidermis and be absorbed by the dermis.
The so-called "good absorption" reflects only a "skin feel", not the absorption of the active ingredients in skin care products. And the "absorbing feeling" brought by some products may just be the volatilization of water and alcohol in the product.

The better the ingredients of the toner, the better it is?

The ability of water to carry functional ingredients is very weak, and many active ingredients cannot remain stable in water, and water has the lowest concentration of active substances. But there are also good ingredients, such as fruit acid. Therefore, acid water and acid cotton pads are actually one of the most profitable waters for the skin, which can not only promote the metabolism of cutin, but also moisturize.

Does patting your face help skin care products absorb?

Tapping does not promote absorption. Just apply it evenly, and wait for the water to dry slightly before adding subsequent skin care products.
Massage can promote absorption?
Massage can indeed promote local blood circulation, which has a slight effect on promoting absorption, but this effect is minimal, basically negligible, and it feels that massage is indeed "better absorption". In fact, it is because during massage, evaporation The effect is better.

No effect without absorption?

Not all skin care products need to be absorbed. Like macromolecular hyaluronic acid, which is not absorbed in the first place, it acts as a water-absorbing agent, absorbs moisture in the environment, and forms a film on the surface of the skin to moisturize. It does not absorb, but its moisturizing effect cannot be denied. If functional products are used in the skin care process, then do not use products containing macromolecular moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid essence before it, otherwise it will be blocked outside and it will be difficult to absorb.
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