Do you know these eye care mistakes?

Do you know these eye care mistakes?

Myth 1: Start eye care after age 25

Eye care is not only a concern when wrinkles appear, but needs to be prevented before they appear, so women can start eye care after the age of 18.

Myth 2: Face cream instead of eye cream

Many people think that face cream also has a moisturizing effect and can be used directly as an eye cream. In fact, the skin around our eyes is very fragile. It is the part of the facial skin with the thinnest stratum corneum and the least distribution of sebaceous glands. words, in order to better care for the eye skin.

Myth 3: Do eye care only at night

Most people think that eye cream is most suitable for use when sleeping and resting. In fact, eye care when getting up in the morning is also very important, especially if you don’t sleep well at night, you need to use eye cream to moisturize the skin around the eyes, and you will be exposed to various environmental pollution radiation during the day. UV rays, so protect it with eye cream.

Myth 4: The thickness of eye cream to be applied

A good eye cream has a mild and refreshing texture, but many people think that the nutrients are not enough. Always apply a thick layer. Applying more will not only not be more effective, but also put more burden on the skin around the eyes. In addition, the extension of the eye cream It is very strong, although the amount is small, it can moisturise the entire eye area. You don't need to worry about the amount of it. Continued use can bring the best effect of the eye cream.

Myth 5: Use your index finger to apply eye cream

Most people use their index fingers to apply eye cream, and the ring finger is the lightest of all fingers, and the delicate skin around the eyes needs to be very gentle, so the ring finger is the best choice in terms of strength.

Myth 6: Eye care only needs eye cream

Eye care is a very important part of skin care, but many people think that only one eye cream is enough for eye care. In fact, there are many eye care products, including serum, eye mask, and eye cream. OK, you can use the eye serum first, then the eye mask and finally the eye cream after cleansing the skin.
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