Do you know the misconceptions about skin care?

Do you know the misconceptions about skin care?

Myth 1: Skin care products are better absorbed after exfoliation.

Many beauty guides in daily chemical stores will say that your skin is too rough and will not be absorbed by skin care products. You need to exfoliate to open the pores before they can be absorbed, otherwise it is simply a waste! Is this the case?
Doctor A: The biggest reason why skin care products do not absorb is that skin care products have large molecules and cannot be absorbed by the skin. The skin gap is 800 Daltons. The molecular weight of skin care products is larger than the skin gap, so it is more difficult to absorb! And some skin care products will form a film because of the ingredients, forming a thin lipid film on the surface of the skin, which is actually to protect the skin, not because it is not absorbed!
Summary: Absorption of skin care products has nothing to do with exfoliation!

Myth 2: Oily skin should use a scrub-type facial cleanser.

Many people think that the skin is oily because the pores of the skin are not thoroughly cleaned, so they choose a scrub cleanser!
Doctor: As a result, the skin is still oily, but the pores are getting bigger and bigger! To improve oily skin, use a scrub cleanser, it really doesn't work much. Skin oil is caused by a variety of reasons: strong sebaceous gland secretion, irregular life and rest, endocrine disorders, and skin water and oil imbalance. Oily skin is mainly about controlling oil, not just washing it off. At the same time adjust your lifestyle.

Myth 3: You don't need creams and lotions in summer.

I don't know when, some people said that there is no need to use creams and lotions in summer, because the weather is hot, the skin is sweating all the time, and skin care products are wasted, just pat some water and you can go out!
Doctor A: There is an old Chinese saying that winter diseases are cured in summer, and summer is the best season to maintain skin! At the same time, no matter what the season is, the skin will only become drier and drier. In summer, you can choose a refreshing lotion.

Myth 4: The more expensive the ingredients in skin care products, the better the effect.

Many people think that expensive ingredients will work well.
Doctor A: Actually, not necessarily. The ingredients should be aimed at skin problems. Some cheap ingredients are not necessarily effective. What suits you is the best, don't judge whether it is good or bad just by the price.
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