Do you know the difference between dry lines and fine lines?

Do you know the difference between dry lines and fine lines?

Different types of wrinkles:

Dry lines: The skin is dry, but there are no lines when the face is expressionless.
Fine Lines: Lines are darker than dry lines and still exist even without expression lines.
Causes are different:
Dry lines: Dehydrated and dry, the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity.
Fine lines: Skin aging, mostly after the age of twenty-five, the skin naturally oxidizes, and with age, the loss of collagen accelerates; excessive exposure to the sun can also cause fine lines around the eyes.
Wrinkle self-test:
Put your finger under the eyes and push it up gently. If there are rows of lines, it is dry lines, and if there are interlaced lines, it is fine lines.

Fine lines removal strategy:

1. The cause of fine lines is aging or sun exposure, so the first step to improve fine lines is anti-oxidation and anti-aging.
2. Be careful not to pull the skin around the eyes and the corners of the mouth, and do not over-exercise the muscles around the eyes and the corners of the mouth to avoid deepening fine lines.
3. Pay attention to sun protection and take care of the skin around the eyes. You can wear sunglasses to assist in care.
4. Since smoking will promote the production of free radicals in the body and speed up the aging process, try to avoid smoking.

Dry lines removal strategy:

1. Dry lines are caused by lack of water and dryness, so the first step of maintenance is daily moisturizing. Replenish the lack of moisture in the skin and keep it moisturized for a long time, fight against dry skin, reduce dry lines, and make the skin elastic and firm.
2. Serious dry lines also need to be combined with a moisturizing mask. For people who face the computer for a long time, dry lines are more likely to occur, so you can use the mask while using the computer.
3. To eliminate dry lines, pay attention to drinking less beverage water. Modern people drink more coffee, beverages, etc., in fact, ignoring the water requirement of metabolism and internal body functions. Drinking plain water can keep skin metabolism normal and promote skin to maintain a healthy balance.
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