Do you know some knowledge about acne-prone skin?

Do you know some knowledge about acne-prone skin?

How to take care of acne-prone skin?

1. Do not indiscriminately use hormone-based acne products
Indiscriminate use of acne products, especially hormones, can easily lead to dependence and even aggravate the growth of acne.
2. Clean your face gently
Pay attention to gentle washing, washing your face too many times can irritate the skin and damage the skin barrier.
3. Don’t squeeze pimples with your hands or touch your face often
Bacteria on hands can cause secondary infection
4. Do a good job of sun protection
In particular, acne-prone skin should do a good job of sun protection to avoid pigmentation and the formation of stubborn acne marks.

A daily guide for acne-prone skin
1. Change the pillow cover frequently. The bacteria and dust on the pillow cover can easily harm the skin and cause acne.
2. Do not stay up late, ensure adequate sleep time, and avoid excessive anger.
3. Eat a light diet, do not eat greasy, high-sugar, and high-fat foods to avoid excessive oil secretion.
4. Drink plenty of water, the lack of water on the skin will secrete excess oil to form acne.
5. Exercise more to speed up skin metabolism.

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