Do you know all these knowledge points about brushing acid?

Do you know all these knowledge points about brushing acid?
1. What exactly does acid-brushing skin care refer to?
Acidic substances can remove aging keratin, accelerate skin metabolism, and promote new skin.
It has multiple functions of removing acne and dissolving closed acne.
Common fruit acid peels are also a type of acid brushing.
2. What acids are commonly used in skin care?
(1) fruit acid, mandelic acid
Relatively mild, it has a good inhibitory effect on keratinization of the hair circumference and closed mouth. It is recommended for novices to try it.
(2) Salicylic acid
It can dissolve the constituent substances between the keratin, which is better for reducing blackheads, oil control and acne.
(3) Tretinoin
The star ingredient of acids has good effects on anti-aging, whitening and rejuvenation, but it is highly irritating, so it is not recommended for beginners to try it.
3. Can I brush acid at home?
(1) Perform a sensitivity test behind the ear first to prevent large-scale allergy caused by intolerance to acid components.
(2) Use facial cleanser for basic cleaning before brushing acid.
(3) Replenishing water before acid can lower the probability of exploding skin after brushing acid.
(4) Start with a product with a low concentration, and the first use time should not exceed 10 minutes.
(5) Use repair products in time to maintain stability after acid brushing.

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