Do you know all kinds of scars?"

Do you know all kinds of scars?
Different types of scars need to be treated in different ways to effectively remove scars, so don't miss this issue!!!

There are roughly three types of scars:
1. Depressed scar
Mainly due to acne, infection, trauma, surgery and other causes of skin dermis defects.
2. Raised scars
Most of them are proliferative lesions of fibroblasts in the skin dermis after burns, trauma, surgery or repeated infections. It can be seen that there are red bumps, hard texture, smooth surface, which may be accompanied by itching, and keloids may expand outward like crabbles.
3. Smooth scars
Refers to a scar on the superficial layer of the skin, usually caused by mild skin abrasions or superficial (superficial dermal) burns.

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