Cold knowledge of skin deep cleansing

Cold knowledge of skin deep cleansing

1. Deep skin cleansing is not equal to exfoliation

From the perspective of dermatology, exfoliation is not deep cleansing, but the use of external force to assist the skin to remove keratinocytes that have lost their skin barrier function, restore the skin barrier function of keratinocytes, help derived cells move to the surface, and promote metabolism. Get back the healthy and soft skin state, and achieve the purpose of the skin's thermal insulation and defense capabilities.

2. Is horny a dirty thing?

No, it is the outermost layer of the skin, which is flattened by 5/10 layers, which can protect the skin and lock in moisture! Healthy and normal skin has a perfect metabolic process - it is produced from the base of the epidermis and then slowly moves to the surface to form keratin, and finally falls off to complete the renewal of the skin. The whole cycle is about 28 days!

3. Why do you need to exfoliate?

Old keratin cannot be naturally metabolized and exfoliated, and it will accumulate on the surface of the skin. The more it accumulates, the more cells will be arranged. This will not only weaken the skin's water retention function, but also be easily affected by external stimuli and germ attacks. Dirt will clog pores. Formation of pimples and zits.

4. Exfoliation method

(1) Chemical exfoliation
AHAs and enzymes are chemical exfoliating products that do not rub the surface of the skin. They can deeply soften the stratum corneum and assist in the metabolism of old waste stratum corneum. Pay special attention to the concentration of acids. It is recommended that those who are just trying chemical exfoliation start with a low concentration. At the beginning, if there is a sensitive skin reaction, stop using it immediately and go to a dermatologist for examination and treatment.
(2) Physical exfoliation
Scrubs, gels, or salt grains are all physical exfoliation products. They use mineral or plant particles to scrub the cuticles, exfoliate old cuticles, and help restore facial skin to a smooth state. They are very suitable for oily skin and mixed skin. .
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