Causes of dark yellow skin

Causes of dark yellow skin

1. Melanin precipitation leads to dullness

Insufficient sun protection will lead to the deposition of melanin in the skin. After exposure to the sun, the stratum corneum will be damaged, causing the skin surface to feel rough, and the complexion will naturally become dark yellow.

2. Cuticle Oxidation

The formation factors of stratum corneum oxidation include the ubiquitous electromagnetic waves. Long-term exposure to computer screens, exposure to ultraviolet rays, and air pollution can all cause free radicals in the skin and cause aging of the stratum corneum.

3. Accumulation of waste horny

If the skin waste keratin is not metabolized normally, it will accumulate on the skin surface, making the skin very rough to the touch, which will also make it difficult to metabolize melanin, and will also cause skin problems such as enlarged pores and strong oil secretion. If the dead skin cells are not removed, it is difficult to have a good effect with whitening products.

4. The skin's ability to lock water is insufficient

The skin lacks water and the ability to lock water is insufficient, and the skin will become dry or even cracked. When the skin is severely dehydrated, the regulation function of the stratum corneum will decline. Some dirt and fine dust will be deposited on the surface of the skin, which is also an important reason for dull skin.

5. Irregular biological clock

People who often stay up late have relatively less time for the body to detoxify, so that our internal organs cannot complete and rest, and toxins are easy to deposit in the human body. If things go on like this, it is prone to melanin precipitation, causing dark spots, dark circles and other dark skin problems.

6. Have a sweet tooth

Too much sugar intake can also lead to dark yellow skin, and the saccharified collagen and elastin will make the skin loose, dark yellow, and old-fashioned.
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