Beauty lovers, come here! Skin care for different ages

Beauty lovers, come here! Skin care for different ages

In fact, skin care depends on age. Different ages have different skin problems, so if you want to maximize the efficacy of skin care products, you have to use what skin care products at what age!
The focus of skin care should also change with age. Using the wrong skin care products at the wrong age will easily accelerate skin aging! Next, let's talk to you about the "key points of skin care" for different ages?

1. Age < 20 years old

Skin care focus: moisturizing, moisturizing, oil control, cleansing, acne
Those younger than 20 years old are in puberty, and their face is still full of collagen, so there is no need to pile up too many skin care products on the face, and the skin should be subtracted, skin care should be targeted, and the principle of "simplified skin care" should be followed.
Hydrating and moisturizing is the most important thing in daily skin care. If you have oily skin, you will also have problems such as blackheads, pores, acne, and pimples.

2. Age 20-25 years old

Skin care focus: anti-aging
Most girls think that their skin will always be 18 years old, but they don't know that when they are between 20-25 years old, their skin has already begun to age, so anti-aging is the key point for girls in this age group!
What is anti-aging? Including anti-light, antioxidant, anti-sugar
It is easy for most people to ignore the importance of anti-light (sun protection). Ultraviolet rays not only easily damage the skin, but also accelerate skin aging. Therefore, whether it is sunny, cloudy or rainy, sunscreen should be done well. If you are outdoors in summer Also remember to reapply on time.
Since we live in an aerobic environment, anti-oxidation is very necessary. It can be used internally and externally to achieve anti-oxidation in all directions; excessive intake of sugar is harmful to the skin, such as acne, accelerated skin aging, etc. , so be sure to avoid it and avoid eating too much sugary things!

3. Age 25+

Skin care focus: on the basis of skin care for <20, 20-25 years old, plus wrinkle removal
After the age of 25, signs of aging begin to appear on the face, such as loose skin, wrinkles, facial depression, etc., and everyone's old method is different, we must choose the correct one according to our actual needs. skin care.
No matter what age you are, in addition to focusing on skin care, you must also maintain a good attitude and living habits, and insist on fitness exercises, so that you can look very young and energetic from the inside out!
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