Beauty and skin care tips

Beauty and skin care tips

Tip 1: Beer shrinks pores

Take the mask bowl, pour an appropriate amount of beer, and then immerse the compressed mask in the beer. After three minutes, take it out and squeeze out a little excess water. Apply it on the face, when the water is about to dry up, immerse it repeatedly, apply it for half an hour, and then wash the face with cold water, the pores will disappear, and the skin will become very firm.

Tip 2: Yogurt honey moisturizing

Mix the same amount of yogurt and honey evenly, spread evenly on the face, wash off after 15 minutes, the skin will become very smooth and supple, and it can also lock the moisture of the stratum corneum for a long time.

Tip 3: Baking soda removes blackheads

When washing your face, mix baking soda and facial cleanser to wash your face, the foam will become very delicate and elastic. After washing, you will find that blackheads are reduced a lot and pores are also reduced a lot. If you persist for a long time, the blackheads will disappear.

Tip 4: Toothpaste for acne

Toothpaste has a very good cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. When the acne redness and swelling are serious, you can apply an appropriate amount of white toothpaste on it to quickly eliminate the redness and swelling, and wash it off after an hour.

Tip 5: Jasmine Firming Lotion

Soak the jasmine buds in cold water, pour it into a sealable container, and add a little medical alcohol. After cleansing the face every day, pat an appropriate amount on the face. The skin will become very refreshed and pores will be much finer.

Tip 6: Honey Massage

After cleansing the face, while the water is still dry, take an appropriate amount of honey in the palm of your hand, rub your palms against each other, then cover the mask and massage in circular motions from the inside to the outside, using gentle movements. After massaging for 5 minutes, rinse off with water. The face will be very soft, radiant and free of tightness.

Tip 7: Rose Beauty

Soak the roses that are not fully open in balsamic vinegar and let them sit for a week. Then mix it with an appropriate amount of cold boiled water to make a cleansing lotion, wash your face in the morning and evening, and persist for a long time, it can eliminate acne skin and make skin smooth and delicate.

Tip 8: Oatmeal exfoliation

Soak the oatmeal in fresh milk for half an hour, then stir it into a paste, apply it on the face for 15 minutes, and rinse with water. It can effectively remove the aging keratin on the surface of the skin, and at the same time whiten the skin, making the skin smooth and delicate.

Tip 9: strawberry yogurt for acne

Remove the stalks, wash and squeeze the juice, add yogurt and flour, mix well, apply on the face for 20 minutes and rinse with water. Strawberry has anti-inflammatory and astringent effects on the skin. Mixed yogurt can improve the secretion of skin oil and effectively relieve the growth of acne.

Tip 10: Wash your face with white vinegar

When cleaning your face every day, add 3 to 5 drops of white vinegar to the washbasin. Long-term adherence can adjust the balance of oil and water in the skin. The anti-inflammatory effect of white vinegar can inhibit the growth of acne and eliminate acne.
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