Avoid skin care mistakes to become more beautiful

Avoid skin care mistakes to become more beautiful
As an exquisite and fashionable modern girl, how can you miss the point of skin care? I believe that as long as it is a girl who loves beauty, she will always buy skin care products, but I often encounter many sisters who tell me why I bought it so expensive. The skin care products, use them have no effect and so on.
In fact, you may be using the wrong method, or you may not have found a skin care product that suits you. So today, I will summarize some tips on skin care for you, which can help you avoid some skin care mistakes.
1. Facial cleanser is not the more foam, the stronger the cleaning power. Learn to find the right facial cleanser according to your skin. Foam-rich facial cleanser is suitable for oily skin, micro-foaming is suitable for dry skin, and sensitive skin is best to choose non-foaming facial cleanser.
2, oily skin do not always wash your face. Some oily girls may feel that their face is always greasy in summer, and they have to wash it from time to time. In fact, if you just wash off the moisture and oil on the surface, the skin will continue to be oily, and the less water, the more oily it is. More, the correct way is to carry a bottle of refreshing moisturizing spray with you to keep the balance of water and oil at any time.
3. Do not rub bubbles directly on the face with the facial cleanser. The correct way is to clean your face with a lather or lather in the palm of your hand.
4. It is not easy to believe in skin care products that quickly whiten or are effective immediately. Many fairies are eager for success, but the results are basically unsuccessful, because as long as it is fast and effective skin care products, there is no doubt that there must be hormones.
5. In the air-conditioned room, the skin must be well moisturized. Otherwise, within two years, fine lines and wrinkles will definitely find you.
6. Do not use cream or cream. Many people may think that lotion and cream are similar in effect. To use an analogy, lotion is like a sweater, and cream is a coat.
7. Use toner on your hands. This is also a common mistake. Toners must be paired with cotton pads, not only for moisturizing, but also for secondary cleansing of the skin. The most important thing is that there are not only bacteria in the hands, but also uneven application.
8. Essence eye cream is too expensive to use. I bought a bottle of essence or eye cream that is hundreds of dollars in size. It is usually used up in 2 months, but you have used it for half a year. No matter how expensive it is, it will not work.
9. Too much skin care products. This type of baby is the opposite of the previous one, but you must know that if you take too much skin care products at one time, the skin will not be able to absorb it, which will easily cause pore blockage and excess nutrition. The correct method of use is to apply a small amount of time to absorb.
10. Eye cream is not finished after applying it. Applying eye cream should be massaged to promote blood circulation around the eyes, in order to play the role of eye cream.

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