Are hydration and hydration the same thing? What's the difference between them?

Are hydration and hydration the same thing? What's the difference between them?

Skin "hydration" and "moisturizing" are two different concepts. Simple "hydration" can only temporarily dry the skin, but it does not prevent moisture loss.
Replenishing water means adding water to replenish water; moisturizing means preventing water from disappearing and flowing out, and maintaining this humidity and moisture.

Self-assessment of skin dehydration:

1. Slight dehydration: dull complexion, yellowing, oily face, lack of luster;
2. Moderate dehydration: The skin is rough without makeup, and fine lines appear immediately after applying foundation;
3. Extremely dehydrated: rough skin, large pores on the nose, and fine lines are becoming more and more obvious;
4. Severe dehydration: fine lines become long and deep, wrinkles on the forehead and the corners of the eyes are looming, often reddened;
If you hit one of them, it is a water-deficient muscle, and you must not only moisturize well, but also hydrate your skin.

The importance of hydration to the skin:

1. Prevent dry skin: Dry skin can cause many skin problems. Hydrating and moisturizing can effectively relieve dry problem skin.
2. Protect skin keratin: Keeping the skin moist is a good foundation for creating healthy keratin.
3. Maintain the balance of water and oil: Maintaining the water and oil state of the skin is one of the signs of healthy skin.
4. Anti-aging: Hydrating and moisturizing can help the skin to delay aging, prevent wrinkle and wrinkle, and maintain the moist state of the skin.
5. Dry and itchy skin in changing seasons: Moisturizing can also relieve the problem of dry and itchy skin, moisturizing the skin with moisture, itching in the changing seasons, and maintaining healthy skin.

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