90% of people don't understand why deep cleaning is needed

90% of people don't understand why deep cleaning is needed

I have been sticking to skin care every day, but my symptoms such as enlarged pores and acne have not been significantly improved. It's not that skin care is useless, but that most people ignore a small detail, that is, it is necessary to deep clean the skin regularly. At this time, someone must ask, don't we wash our face every day to clean? Note that it is deep cleaning, which is different from the cleaning you usually do. Today, I will explain it to you in detail!
Reasons for deep cleaning:

1. The breathing of the skin is carried out by the gaps between the stratum corneum cells, and it also absorbs water and nutrients through the stratum corneum, pores and sebaceous glands. In hot weather, sweat and oil secretion increase greatly, plus the dust in the air , pores are particularly prone to accumulation of dirt. If the deep cleansing work is not done well, the dead keratinocytes will not be able to fall off naturally. As a result, the surface area of ​​the skin will be thick, which will not only prevent the skin from breathing smoothly, but also hinder the absorption of skin care ingredients and directly affect the skin quality. Deep cleansing and exfoliation must be done enough.
2. Clogged pores will make the skin unable to breathe and dull, the skin will be dehydrated, dry to form wrinkles, melanin cannot be excreted smoothly, resulting in stains, cosmetics cannot be absorbed 100%, nutrients cannot enter cells, and bacteria will be in the pores. A large number of breeding, resulting in acne, mites, large pores.
3. Bad work and rest, eating habits, computer radiation, ultraviolet radiation, stress, negative emotions and other factors lead to the accumulation of melanin on the skin and the imbalance of water and oil. The haze, dust and cosmetic residues in the air accumulate on the bottom of the skin, and ordinary skin cleaning methods cannot completely remove these stubborn dirt remaining on the bottom of the skin, so regular deep cleaning can only deeply cleanse the skin. The turbid substances are removed first, and the nutrients can be better absorbed.

How should we do deep cleaning?
1. After taking a bath, the pores are open. This time, the effect of deep cleaning is the best. You can use a hot towel to open the pores quickly, which is the best preparation for the subsequent deep cleaning.
2. After the pores are opened, apply the cleansing mask. It is recommended to apply some lotion or spray before applying the cleansing mask, so that your skin will not feel stinging when you suddenly apply the cleansing mask.
3. The cleansing mask is usually applied for about 15 minutes, and rinsed with clean water. At this time, some people will find that there are a lot of acnes or something. Damage is minimal.
4. After deep cleaning, be sure to replenish water in time. You can let the cotton pad soaked in the refreshing lotion wet on the face for about 10 minutes.

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