6 Bad Habits of Acne

6 Bad Habits of Acne

1. Drinking very little water

Drinking water every day can not only replenish the body with water, but also help clean up the garbage in the body and reduce the appearance of acne. On the contrary, if the water is not enough, the skin will have an imbalance of water and oil and excessive oil secretion.

2. Touch your face and hold your chin

Our hands touch a lot of things every day, and it is inevitable that there will be bacteria. We often touch our faces and hold our cheeks. Bacteria on our hands can easily breed on our faces, leading to the growth of acne.

3. Excessive cleaning

Excessive washing of the face will destroy our skin barrier and fail to protect our skin. At the same time, it will also stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, making it easier to breed bacteria, so that the skin environment is more suitable for the growth and development of acne.

4. Often stay up late

From 11:00 pm to 2:00 am is the prime time for skin cell metabolism and repair. Staying up late will hinder liver detoxification, sluggish metabolism, and acne.

5. Blind skin care

Frequent mixing and matching of skin care products, frequent replacement of products, and use of products that are not suitable for your skin will cause a certain burden on the skin. At the same time, if the cosmetics are not removed cleanly, they will remain on the skin, causing secondary damage.

6. Improper diet

Long-term irregular diet, spicy, greasy, sweet, cold and other foods will affect the metabolism of the skin, causing the skin to secrete a large amount of oil. If it cannot be eliminated in time, it is easy to block the pores and form acne.
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