5 types of dehydrated skin

5 types of dehydrated skin

1. Improper maintenance and lack of water

Main manifestations: After cleansing, the skin care and maintenance work is not done in time. When using skin care products, the face is prone to tingling and itching. When some irritating factors appear, it will appear tight and dry.
Cause of symptoms: Daily skin care work is not done properly. Some people only use moisturizing lotion, which will make the skin condition drier and more dry. They don’t pay attention to the work of locking water. Many people think that cream is oily, but cream is for locking water in the skin. important medium.
Key points of skin care: Choose skin care products that suit you according to your skin condition. If you want to replenish water, buy skin care products that replenish water. If you want whitening, buy skin care products that are whitening. This often backfires.

2. Sensitivity to water shortage

Main manifestations: dry skin, but the T-zone is very oily on the contrary. Skin of this nature usually appears reddish with a tingling sensation after cleansing. After removing makeup, the face is prone to redness, which lasts for a long time. In crowded places or places with bad air, there will be itching on the cheeks or around the eyes.
Cause of symptoms: Skin of this nature is mainly damaged due to lack of water in the skin tissue, and the skin cannot touch any irritating substances. Most of the problems are because the skin is too dry and the skin surface is extremely dehydrated, resulting in gaps and loosening of the stratum corneum of the skin.

3. Environmental water shortage

Main manifestations: Staying in the air-conditioned room for too much time in a day causes the skin to lack water. After cleansing, the skin is not moisturized in time, resulting in dry and tight skin.
Cause of symptoms: For this kind of situation, most of them are white-collar beauties who are busy in the building. While paying attention to moisturizing and skin care, you can put a humidifier on your desk, which also has the effect of preventing radiation and fatigue, and replenishing moisture to the skin at any time.
Key points of skin care: Choose moisturizing skin care products, pay attention to choose the one that suits you, and choose a convenient skin care method according to your working and living environment. In my opinion, a humidifier is omnipotent.

4. Greasy dehydration

Main manifestations: The face is often oily and shiny, the pores on the face are enlarged, and acne and acne often develop. Rough, with fine lines. This is the skin with more oil and less water.
Cause of symptoms: It is mainly when the skin lacks water, the pores expand, resulting in excessive oil secretion in the skin, so the skin will be greasy.
Key points of skin care: choose refreshing moisturizing skin care products, regularly deep clean the skin, maintain the balance of water and oil, and improve the oil production. Sufficient skin hydration should be done to provide opportunities for skin metabolism.
Key points of skin care: Choose mild and caring skin care products to increase skin immunity and reduce skin sensitivity. Usually drink some plain water to ensure the basic needs of protein and vitamins.

5. Congenital lack of water

Main manifestations: Congenital dehydration is the nature of dry skin. This type of skin has less acne and acne. But the skin will produce dander with the daily changes of the weather, rough and not smooth. When there are micro-expressions or small movements on the face, there will be a feeling of tension.
Cause of symptoms: Friends with this skin type are mainly due to the lack of natural water-carrying factors, which reduces the skin's moisturizing function. This kind of skin needs to do a good job of moisturizing and heat preservation for many years, otherwise the aging phenomenon will become more and more serious.
Key points of skin care: choose hydrating and moisturizing skin care products, not only to replenish water but also to retain water. The most important thing is to add enough nutrition to the skin and improve the skin's self-protection ability.
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