4 whitening mistakes

4 whitening mistakes

Myth 1: Listen to whitening remedies

Taking pearl powder orally for whitening, applying lemon slices directly on the face, etc. I don’t know where it came from, and many people did it.
These folk remedies are not only useless, but also damage our skin. If you want to whiten, you still have to choose regular products!

Myth 2: Sun protection is enough in summer

Many people will consciously do sun protection in summer, because everyone thinks that summer is hot, the sun is strong, and it is easy to sunburn the skin.
In other seasons, you will slack off, thinking that sun protection is dispensable. Sunscreen protects against UV rays. Ultraviolet rays are everywhere and all the time, but the intensity is different in different seasons, but this does not affect its damage to the skin. Therefore, sun protection is a skin care step that cannot be omitted throughout the year.

Myth 3: Frequent exfoliation

Excessive accumulation of dead skin cells can make the skin look rough and dull. Proper daily exfoliation is beneficial to delicate and bright skin and promotes the absorption of skin care products.
If exfoliating products are used excessively, it is easy to damage the stratum corneum, the skin will be less protected, the ability to moisturize and lock water and resist external aggression will decrease, it will be easy to dry, sensitive, and make the skin dull.

Myth 4: Neglecting skin hydration

Moisturizing is indispensable in daily skin care. Dehydrated skin tends to be dull and rough, while well-hydrated skin tends to look more hydrated and radiant.
Therefore, don’t neglect to hydrate the skin when whitening the skin. Sufficient moisture in the skin is also more conducive to metabolizing melanin out of the body.
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