15 skin care tips to improve your posture!

15 skin care tips to improve your posture!

1. Correct skin care steps: cleansing - toner - essence - moisturizing (lotion and cream) - sunscreen - isolation
2. 365 days a year, no matter whether it is cloudy or sunny, whether indoors or outdoors, wear sunscreen.
3. Applying a spoon to the eyes can eliminate early puffiness, and it is better to freeze the spoon.
4. Apply a hot towel to the eyes and apply eye cream after application to increase the absorption by 50%.
5. You can use fine sugar to exfoliate the skin of the mouth. First apply a layer of honey or thick lipstick on the lips, then put sugar on the lips and gently rub, and finally wash it off.
6. First use the foundation brush to evenly brush the foundation, and then pat the face with the beauty egg, which is more docile and does not eat powder.
7. You will discover a new world when you apply lipstick.
8. Use eyebrow powder if you don't know how to draw eyebrows. The color of eyebrow powder and hair color should be in the same color system.
9. After applying foundation on the face, be sure to apply a little makeup cream to the neck.
10. Go to the counter to buy liquid foundation, don't try it on your hands, be sure to put it on your face.
11. People with poor hair should not toss their hair, otherwise it will be like withered grass.
12. Do not turn on hot air when blowing your hair, turn on the hair dryer on the cold air gear, blow off excess moisture and then air dry it naturally.
13. For dry hair, apply conditioner before shampooing, which can reduce hair loss and not dry after washing.
14. Vitamin E coating eyelashes will really grow.
15. Roll the mascara on a paper towel before using, and then brush from the root of the eyelashes, there will be no fly legs.

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