12 Skincare Tips to Make It Easy to Be a Delicate Girl

12 Skincare Tips to Make It Easy to Be a Delicate Girl

Beauty is the nature of every woman, and refinement is an attitude, so girls must not be lazy. Come and learn these beauty skin care tips with me!

1. Makeup remover

Please don't be lazy when removing makeup. Occasionally, it is inconvenient to use makeup removing wipes, but you must use makeup removing water, makeup removing oil or makeup removing cream and other makeup removing products for deep cleaning every day, otherwise the makeup removal is not clean, and subsequent skin care will be useless.

2. Cleansing

Cleansing products must be selected for you, try to choose mild cleansing products. Such as amino acid ingredients, so that no matter what skin type you are, you can better clean and protect the skin barrier. Cleaning is also for better absorption of skin care. Good cleansing products can effectively improve the prevention of acne and sensitive skin, so choose products that time to pay extra attention.

3. Skin care

Skin care needs to be done every day, be sure to do a good job of distinguishing skin care, combination skin as far as possible separate skin care, oily T-zone should use refreshing type, dry cheeks should use moisturizing type, water and oil balance, skin condition is more stable.

4. Streamline skin care

Simplify skin care, don't add too many skin care products on your face at one time, for example, wait for about 1 minute after applying toner to fully absorb and then apply eye essence, each step must be absorbed before proceeding to the next step to make the skin better The absorption of nutrients, to avoid excess nutrients lead to acne, fat granules.

5. Eye Care

The pores of the skin around the eyes are very small and the skin is relatively thin, so the absorption of skin care products is limited, so the eye cream can be applied after the water is applied, do not wait until the last step, and the essence of eye care lies in the massage technique.

6. Lip Care

Be sure not to tear the dead skin on your lips! You can apply a thick lip balm and massage to remove it every day. Carry lip balm with you and apply it at any time to protect your delicate lips; using a lip mask at night is even better! Convenient and labor-saving.

7. Neck Care

You should also apply more skin care products to your neck. Whether it is incidental or targeted, it doesn’t take long every day. Neck lines are easier to appear than you think, and once they appear, it is difficult to eliminate! Prevention is very important. If it has already occurred, give it more care and massage.

8. Sun protection

It has always been emphasized that sunscreen must be done every day, and exposed skin should be painted as much as possible. Sunscreen is equal to anti-aging, and it is not necessarily necessary to avoid tanning, but you can see a very obvious difference between sunscreen and no sunscreen for a month. Sunscreen should be done all year round. In addition to sunscreen, physical sunscreens such as umbrellas and hats should not be ignored.

9. Hand and foot care

Girls' hands and feet are the second face. When applying sunscreen, they also need to be applied on their hands. Carry hand cream with you. Usually use hand cream more, can be applied on hands and feet, dry in autumn, having a pair of supple hands is also a delicate performance of girls. The heels should be regularly cleaned or treated for dead skin, and the elbows and knees should not be forgotten.

10. Detail Care

Ears, nails, etc., which are usually not paid attention to, must also be carefully cleaned and cared for, and kept clean and tidy. These details will inadvertently add a lot to the personal image.

11. Body Care

Body scrub can be arranged, you can choose the moisturizing type, it is almost once a week, and you should also apply the body lotion carefully after bathing, and you can also massage the leg muscles by the way, whether it is moisturizing or promoting blood circulation to lose weight, it is very helpful , be sure to stick to it every day!

12. Body management

Having a good figure is also an important key factor for refinement. You can't tell at a glance whether you look good or not, but whether you are fat or thin can be seen from a distance of ten meters. Exercise is the only way to manage your body, and the old truth still has to be said: exercise don’t focus on changes in weight numbers, size is more important than numbers.
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