" 12 Cautions of removing scars!!!"

" 12 Cautions of removing scars!!!"

If you want to remove scars or are removing scars, don’t miss it!!!

1. This product is for external use and oral administration is prohibited.
2. Do not touch the eyes, mouth and skin ulceration area...etc..
3. Breastfeeding women, children, and the elderly and infirm should use it under the guidance of a physician.
4. Sunken scars should not be used.
5. For the scars left after the new wound has healed, the dosage should be reduced 2-3 months after the scar has formed.
6. If you accidentally enter the mouth or eyes, please rinse your mouth or eyes with plenty of water and go to the hospital for timely treatment if necessary.
7. This product is not suitable for long-term or large-scale use. People with skin allergies should stop using it, and those with severe symptoms should go to the hospital for treatment.
8. People who are allergic to this product should not use it with caution.
9. It is forbidden to use this product when its properties change.
10. Children must be used under adult supervision.
11. Please keep this product out of reach of children.
12. If you are using other medicines, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using the product.

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