Introduction to Cream

Provides dual anti-aging effects, stimulates cell regeneration, and at the same time promotes collagen synthesis, improves the texture and evenness of the skin's surface layer, and makes the skin more refined. At the same time, it contains a light filter system that provides SPF15 and Moringa Oleifera, which protects the skin against environmental pollution, and keeps the skin from direct damage from light.

Applicable skin type

Generally speaking, dry skin is suitable for cream and moisturizing lotion, oily and combination skin is suitable for refreshing lotion and oil-free cream. Dry seasons, such as autumn and winter, are suitable for thicker creams, while hot seasons, such as spring and summer, are suitable for light lotions.

In general, I think the cream is mainly suitable for dry skin MM, because the DD of the cream is generally more moisturizing, so if the skin is dehydrated, the effect should be more significant; while the lotion is mainly suitable for combination or oily skin. MM. Of course, this is just a general statement. Oily skin MM can choose gel cream, while dry skin MM can also choose moisturizing lotion.

Dry people are of course recommended to use face cream in the dry season, the moisturizing effect will be better and longer lasting. In summer, you can choose a thinner lotion, which is refreshing and moisturizing, and has no burden; oily skin is prone to acne troubles, so it is not easy to choose For heavy creams, use some moisturizing lotions in dry winters, and in summers, you need to choose lotions with oil-controlling properties.

Lotions are generally lighter and lighter in texture, suitable for summer, day use and normal, combination and oily skin types. The texture of the cream is generally rich and the moisturizing effect is very significant, suitable for winter, dry, normal skin and evening use. Of course, there are also creams with textures such as gels that are very refreshing and suitable for all skin types, but they are very special, usually as mentioned above. Therefore, it should be selected according to the season and skin type. If you have normal, oily, or combination (most people) skin, a lotion may be better for you than a cream, but if you have dry skin, a cream is more moisturizing.

Generally speaking, creams and lotions are divided into moisturizing and refreshing types according to different skin types, but generally people with oily skin should choose a refreshing lotion, while dry skin should choose a moisturizing type; and different seasons also To choose different creams and lotions, winter and spring are dry, you should choose moisturizing products, while summer is wet, you should choose relatively refreshing creams and lotions. In addition, the environment the user is often in should also be considered. For example, those who are often in air-conditioned heating environments and in front of computers should use relatively moisturizing and continuous moisturizing creams and lotions, while those who are often outdoors should pay attention to moisturizing. Also, pay attention to sun protection.

In the spring and autumn in the north, it is windy and dry, no matter what kind of skin, you should pay attention to hydration and moisturizing. In summer, you can consider oil control. Dry skin can choose cream skin care products, oily skin can choose lotions, and the combination should be determined according to their own conditions.

1> The texture of the lotion is relatively refreshing. The same brand lotion will be more refreshing than the cream, so the lotion is more suitable for summer or oily skin. The cream is thicker and suitable for dry season and medium-dry skin.

2> Lotion is generally absorbed faster than cream, but it is not as moisturizing as cream;

3> Many brands have launched a series of creams and lotions, which can be applied directly during the day and enhanced by applying creams at night.

Skin care should also be divided into seasons and day and night care. There are also many types of creams. First, from the state of the cream, it is divided into: cream, lotion, jelly and face repair cream. First ask yourself what your skin lacks. Oily skin lacks water and oil, so don’t give it oil; dry skin lacks oil, and hydration alone will definitely not meet its needs.

The cream is relatively thick and creamy, and generally contains relatively little oil, mainly for combination skin and neutral skin; the other has moisturizing ingredients and is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. . In addition to distinguishing the two from the product description, it can also be seen from the appearance. If it is relatively thin, like cheese, the general oil content will not be very high. If it is thick and shiny, like butter, then The fat content is definitely high.

The lotion is a little thinner than the cream, and it is in a semi-liquid state, but there are two kinds of high-fat and low-fat. In addition to reading the product description, you can also test the high and low levels of oil on the back of your hand. If you apply it for a while, it will be completely absorbed. If it is clean, it means that it is low-fat, suitable for normal skin, oily skin, and combination skin; if it is more or less shiny after application, the oil content is relatively high, and it is generally suitable for dry and sensitive skin. used. Jelly is usually a low-fat transparent or translucent gel, which is generally low-fat, so it is most suitable for oily skin, and it is also suitable for normal skin and combination skin in summer. If you have dry skin and sensitive skin, you can use this type of skin care product as a primer.

There is also a face-repairing cream/emulsion, which is generally in the form of a cream or lotion. The difference is that it contains more cosmetic ingredients (commonly known as foundation), and it has the effect of relatively modifying the complexion and covering the marks.

In spring and summer, there is more water in the air and the temperature is relatively high. Generally, some skin care products that are relatively thinner are selected, especially for combination skin and oily skin. In autumn and winter, when the weather is dry and cold, and the oil secreted by the skin itself decreases, it is necessary to choose a cream/lotion with a higher oil content, but it also depends on the region. Generally, the south will be wetter than the north. When choosing a face cream for autumn and winter, it is best for MM to choose a cream with a high oil content, so that it can lock in moisture and form a protective effect on the skin surface.

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