1 second self-test - do you have any of these tricks?

1 second self-test - do you have any of these tricks?

1. Skin becomes dull and rough

The state of the skin reflects a person's health status. Generally, women's skin will become rough and dull before and after menstruation, which is caused by blood loss and insufficient blood in the body. However, if the skin is dull and rough for a long time, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive detoxification of the body. When a woman's qi and blood are insufficient, it will cause blood deficiency.

2. There are dense acne on the forehead

There are two kinds of hormones in the human body at the same time. Women mainly have estrogen. Under normal circumstances, the ratio of these two hormones is balanced. When dense acne appears on the forehead, it means that the secretion of hormones in the body is unstable, resulting in excessive sebum secretion. , the hair follicles are clogged, resulting in acne.

3. Yellow spots on the face

Gynecological inflammation is closely related to endocrine disorders. Yellow spots are mainly caused by female endocrine dysfunction or ultraviolet radiation. If yellow spots suddenly appear on the face, it may be due to endocrine imbalance that leads to active pigment cells in the skin, and a large number of cells accumulate in the skin. Spots are caused by the shallow layer, so attention should be paid to prevent the spots from becoming more serious.

4. Acne around the chin

If women often have red pustules around the chin, it is mostly caused by endocrine disorders in the body. When the endocrine disorder in the body, red pimples will appear in specific areas of the face. Once the endocrine disorder occurs in women, it indicates that the ovarian function is reduced and the uterine anti-virus ability is reduced.
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